The love for learning yields better results - our students have proved this time and again! From achieving top ranks in the board exams to acing various competitive exams like IAS, JEE and NEET, we have been setting benchmarks in every exam, year after year.
BYJU'S Toppers Speak

I used to regularly watch the recorded videos and solve various practice tests available on the app. This helped boost my confidence level.
State Topper | Ayush Sanjaysingh Pardesi | Maharashtra | 99.6% in Class 10 2021
I believe in the power of visualization, when I see anything happening, it becomes easier to memorize. And BYJU'S made things much easier before the final exams.
State Topper | Prachi Bhadauria | Rajasthan | 99.83% in Class 10 2021
Before any chapter was taught in school classes, I would go through the BYJU'S videos once to understand the concepts. I've always had a head start by following this.
State Topper | Arina Khatun | West Bengal | 99.8% in Class 10 2021
I used to make a lot of silly and careless mistakes earlier, which have improved now after using the app. BYJU'S helped me boost my academic performance
State Topper | Hardik Agarwal | Uttar Pradesh | 100% in Class 10 2021
I regularly revised all my portions with the help of the BYJU'S app before the board exams, and that kept me on track to achieve my goal of scoring top marks.
State Topper | Reshma Ganesh Hegde | Karnataka | 100% in Class 10 2021
Before my teachers at school began a new chapter, I used to read it from the BYJU'S app to be well ahead of my peers. It also helped clear my concepts before the Class 10 examinations.
State Topper | Sreesti Sahoo | Madhya Pradesh | 99.6% in Class 10 2021
All credit goes to BYJU'S for clearing my doubts in Chemistry right before the Class 10 exams, as some were extremely difficult and complicated. BYJU'S made it simpler with audio-visual explanations.
District Topper | Saumya Goyal | Delhi | 99.67% in Class 10 2021
What I love the most about the app is that I can watch the study videos multiple times until I completely understand the topic. With the colourful animation and easy explanations, studying becomes a lot more fun.
District Topper | Palak Chhabra | Rajasthan | 98% in Class 10 2021
I love the teachers at BYJU'S! They all make things easier to understand and thus have fun while learning. Practice tests are the best way to prepare ourselves better for examinations.
District Topper | Sanvertika Thakur | Uttar Pradesh | 99.6% in Class 10 2021
When I read from my Physics books or listened to my teachers explain, I couldn't remember things step-by-step, however, with the videos on BYJU'S I had a visual memory of everything I am learning.
District Topper | Japit Kaur Bajwa | Punjab | 99.4% in Class 10 2021
I couldn't completely understand a lot of concepts and chapters while they were taught at school. I was eager to come back home and attend my BYJU'S classes before my board exams.
District Topper | Vaibhav Singh | Uttar Pradesh | 99.33% in Class 10 2021
What helped me to score top marks in the final exams was the huge number of practice tests, quizzes that I solved on the BYJU'S app. The videos for Science subjects helped me to understand the chapters easily.
District Topper | Ridham Gupta | Uttar Pradesh | 99% in Class 10 2021
BYJU'S was my best learning companion during my board exam preparation. Engaging videos and sample practice papers on the app helped me get better conceptual clarity.
Sakshi Mothsra | Haryana | 98.6% in Class 10 2020 | CBSE Board
With the help of BYJU'S, I learnt to focus on my concepts rather than just memorising them. This helped me avoid silly mistakes and score well in my class 10 board exams.
Aditi Nannore | Maharashtra | 100% in Class 10 2020 | State Board
The video lectures on the BYJU'S app are so good that you are compelled to watch them. Thank you BYJU'S for making learning so easy, and as I always say, I'm a proud BYJUite.
Hrishikesh Tiwari | Uttarakhand | 99.4% in Class 10 2020 | CBSE Board
BYJU'S helped me visualise concepts and build my conceptual understanding. This helped me study subjects like Biology really well.
Tanvi | Pune | 99.6% in Class 10 2020 | State Board
What I love the most about BYJU'S - The Learning App is that I can watch the study videos multiple times until I completely understand the topic. It helps me grasp my concepts better and faster.
Varun Rajan | Puducherry | 95% in Class 10 2020 | ICSE Board
My mentor at BYJU'S cleared all my last-minute doubts. The video lectures enabled me to understand everything clearly, especially in subjects like Science. Thank you BYJU'S!
Sanskriti Gupta | Uttar Pradesh | 99.4% in Class 10 2020 | CBSE Board
I love all the teachers at BYJU'S! The study videos are amazing and helped me in visualising concepts. BYJU'S test series was the best. I practised different kinds of questions to prepare better.
Bhagesh Mulgalgaon | Karnataka | 99.2% in Class 10 2020 | State Board
BYJU'S has helped me a lot, as it focuses on improving and strengthening concepts. The practice tests and All India Test Series helped me identify my place in a national level.
Rishi Jain | AIR 98 - JEE Advanced 2020
The BYJU'S App was the first place I would go to, whenever I had any doubts in any concept. It was an integral part of my JEE preparation. The daily practice problems helped me revise and strengthen my concepts along with increasing my speed and accuracy.
Shikhar Mundra | AIR 20 - JEE Advanced 2020
The videos on the BYJU'S app aided in improving my weak areas in Chemistry. It was helpful in my preparation and I got to learn concepts in a different way. Practising with mock tests and the AITS, along with the extensive analysis, helped me identify my weak and strong areas.
Kunal Kundwani | AIR 63 - JEE Advanced 2020
BYJU'S played a very important role in my NEET preparation. The personalised program and the video lessons helped me learn the most complex of concepts in an easy way. The AITS held at a national level, allowed me to set a standard for myself and identify areas of improvement.
Narendra Bishnoi | AIR 28 - NEET 2020
My NEET preparation would not have been complete without BYJU'S. The video lessons, with their simple language and visualisation, helped me learn concepts clearly. The All India Test Series helped me benchmark my preparation against other aspirants on a national level.
Arfaat K | AIR 18 - NEET 2020
During my preparation, I used BYJU'S to get a detailed overview on various relevant topics which helped me save time. The mock interview program helped me gain confidence. I'd recommend the same to future aspirants as well.
Sanjita Mohapatra | AIR 10 CSE - 2019
BYJU'S learning programmes and the daily news analysis they put up was highly helpful in preparing for the current affairs section.
Abhishek Saraf | AIR 8 CSE - 2019
Preparing for IAS with BYJU'S has been a positive experience for me. Their mock interviews stood out in quality and and helped me gain new perspectives. It was also a big help in identifying my weaknesses and how to improve for the personality test.
Pratibha Verma | AIR 3 CSE - 2019
Success Stories

BYJU'S Student Tushar Panda Tops Class 10 ICSE Exams
BYJU'S student Tushar Ranjan Panda of Bhubaneswar has scored a 99.20 per cent and secured the third rank on the National Merit List in ICSE X board exams. Tushar credits his success to BYJU'S way of learning and is happy to have had the guidance throughout his learning journey. His story was covered in the Orissa Times in September this year.

Aadya Mahraur Scores 99.4% in CBSE Class 10 Boards
Aadya Mahraur scored an impressive 99.4 per cent in CBSE Class 10 Boards Exam 2020. She has been a BYJU'S student since class eight and says that the app helped her get a better understanding of the basic concepts in math and science. It prepared her for exams with numerous test papers.

Hrishikesh Tiwari scores a whopping 99.4% in CBSE Class 10
From being an average student in his early school days to scoring 99.4 per cent in the class 10 board exams, with a third rank and sixth rank in his district and state respectively, Hrishikesh attributes his success to two life-changing moments. First, discovering Sir Ramanujan's interest in math, and second, BYJU'S - The Learning App.

BYJU'S student Shravani Phalke scores 99% in ICSE 10 Board Exams
Shravani Phalke, BYJU'S ICSE topper with 99 percent, shares her success story. She explains that she had focused on understanding concepts instead of mugging up text. She received a lot of support from her school teachers, and BYJU'S further supplemented her studies by enabling conceptual clarity in subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Biology.

Class 10 Topper Vazeela Swears by BYJU'S for her success
Vazeela S, a class 10 student from Cotton Hill High School, Trivandrum, celebrated getting the highest grade in her exams with an A+! Her story is of grit and determination in the face of adversity. A fatal accident had affected her routine until BYJU'S came to her rescue. The lessons on the app helped her prepare and achieve this academic milestone.
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