RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Introduction To.3D CooRDinate Geometry

RD Sharma Solutions Class 11 Chapter 28

Get the RD Sharma solutions for class 11 maths here. The solutions are of the exercise from the chapter 28 i.e. introduction to 3D coordinate geometry. The questions are framed according to the guidelines by CBSE and CCE. The students need to practice several related questions to get comfortable with this topic.

What is 3D Coordinate Geometry?

In 3D geometry, a coordinate space is determined by a point and by a vector perpendicular to that particular plane. Thus, a point in a 3D plane will include the coordinates of X- plane, Y- plane and Z- plane.

In the XY plane, the coordinates will only include the coordinates from X and Y planes and Z will be zero. Thus, a point P can be represented as P(x,y,0) in an XY plane. Similarly, a point in YZ plane will be P(0,y,z) and P(x,0,z) will be the coordinates of a point in XZ plane.

The students practicing from RD Sharma class 11 maths can clear their doubts from the chapter of 3D coordinate geometry. The solutions given here are comprehensive and easy to understand to help the students learn the topic more effectively.




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