Indian Navy Salary for Various Posts, Agniveer Salary

Indian Navy Salary details are notified in the official notification. The Officers of the Indian Navy are specially trained personnel who are appointed to higher ranks like Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Vice Admiral, Chief of Personnel, etc. Candidates should be aware of the Indian Navy Salary per month as it can be a source of motivation for them.

Indian Navy Salary is subject to revision based on promotions, job profiles, allowances, etc. Apart from the salary, various perks and benefits are offered that attract lakhs of candidates to apply for this exam. More details pertaining to the Indian Navy Salary such as salary slip, in-hand salary, etc. have been elaborated below.

Indian Navy Salary

The average salary in the Indian Navy ranges from around Rs 4 lakh per annum for a Data Operator to Rs 36.5 lakh per annum for a Director. The rank of officer in the Indian Navy is one of the most respected posts in the country. Due to strict admission provisions and eligibility criteria, only a few of those who apply qualify.

Even though Indian Navy officers are paid a good salary, it also provides insurance coverage to its active officers at very low monthly premiums. The sum insured is guaranteed at Rs 57 lakh for NAOs, Pilots, and Submariners, and Rs 50 lakh for officers of the Indian Navy. The recruitment board decides the benefits, pay scale, and other allowances in accordance with legal requirements.

Indian Navy In-hand Salary

The Indian Navy in-hand salary is offered after adding basic pay, housing rent allowance, dearness allowance, allowances for travel, clothing, etc. It changes from time to time with the annual increment, promotions, etc. As basic pay and allowance amounts vary from post to post, so does the in-hand Indian Navy salary. The details on the in-hand salary based on the per month salary have been elaborated in the following table.


In-hand Salary

Per Month Salary

First Year

Rs. 21,000

Rs. 30,000

Second Year

Rs. 23,100

Rs. 33,000

Third Year

Rs. 25,500

Rs. 36,500

Fourth Year

Rs. 28,000

Rs. 40,000

Indian Navy Salary for Agniveer

Many candidates who want to join the Indian Navy are offered a short-term service called Agniveer. In order to recruit candidates for a short span of time, the Indian Navy has started conducting Agniveer Recruitment. On the other hand, those who perform their job well in the short service will be offered a permanent job.

Indian Navy Agniveer salary is highly attractive with many benefits and other perks. Once a candidate is shortlisted for the Indian Navy, they are paid a customized salary package that starts from Rs 30,000 per month with annual increments. Agniveers get Rs. 10 Lakh as Seva Nidhi Package, with interest for 4 years, when they leave the Indian Navy.

Indian Navy Salary Post-Wise

The salary of Indian Navy officers differs for each post. The details of the pay scale, pay level, and MSP for each post have been covered in this section. Indian Navy salaries for the various positions are determined on the basis of the pay scale and pay level.


Pay Scale

Pay Level


Sub Lieutenant

Rs. 56,100 – Rs. 17,7500




Rs. 61,300 – Rs. 1,93,900


Lieutenant Commander

Rs. 69,400 – Rs. 2,07,200



Rs. 1,21,200 – Rs. 2,12,400



Rs. 1,30,600 – Rs. 2,15,900



Rs. 1,39,600 – Rs. 2,17,600


Rear Admiral

Rs. 1,44,200 – Rs. 2,18,200



Vice Admiral

Rs. 1,82,200 – Rs. 2,24,100


Vice Admiral & Equivalent

Rs. 2,05,400 – Rs. 2,24,400



Rs. 2,25,000


VCNS/ C-IN-C/ Equivalent

Rs. 2,25,000


CNS/ Equivalent

Rs. 2,50,000


FAQs on Indian Navy Salary


What is Indian Navy Salary?

Indian Navy Salary starts from Rs. 30,000 per month and increases year on year with annual increments. Apart from the salary, the officers are entitled to various allowances and compensations such as TA, DA, HRA, etc.


Which post gets the highest salary in the Indian Navy?

A Director at the Indian Navy earns the highest salary, which is Rs. 36.5 Lakhs annually. 10% of employees in the top bracket make more than Rs. 25.32 lakhs annually. The top 1% earn an astounding Rs. 40 lakhs or more annually.


Which post makes the minimum salary in the Indian Navy?

The Indian Navy pays the bare minimum for the position of Data Operator. The second lowest paying position in the Indian Navy is that of a sailor.


What allowances and benefits are offered apart from the Indian Navy salary?

Apart from the salary, an Indian Navy Officer is eligible for Dearness Allowance, Housing Rent Allowance, Travelling Allowance, Medical Allowance, CSD benefit, etc.