Dividing Monomials Calculator

Dividing Monomials Calculator is a free online tool that displays the result when two monomials are divided. BYJU’S online dividing monomials calculator tool makes the calculation faster, and it displays the result in a fraction of seconds.

How to Use the Dividing Monomials Calculator?

The procedure to use the dividing monomials calculator is as follows:
Step 1: Enter a numerator and denominator monomials in the input field
Step 2: Now click the button “Submit” to get the solution
Step 3: Finally, the quotient will be displayed in the new window

What is Meant by Dividing Monomials?

In Algebra, a polynomial with a single term is known as a monomial. When a monomial is divided by a monomial, first divide the coefficients of the variable and then divide the variable when the variables are present in both the numerator and denominator. For example, assume two monomials, 50 xy and 5y. Now the monomial 50xy is divided by 5y, we will get

= 50xy/5y

= 10x

Thus, the quotient value obtained is 10x, which is the result of the division process.


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