Goa Board Class 11 Biology Marking Scheme & Blueprint

Goa Board has released the latest blueprint, marking scheme and the question paper design of class 11 Biology. Here, you can access all the information regarding the blueprint. In this blueprint given below, you will also be able to find subject-specific guidelines for class 11 Biology theory paper as well for practicals. The theory paper of 3 hours duration is of 70 marks, while the practicals, again of 3 hours duration will be of 30 marks.

Goa Board Class 11 Biology Marking Scheme & Blueprint PDFs

Please find the Class 11 Biology question paper design of Goa Board as per the marks weightage unit-wise or as per question types in this article. Knowing the entire questions paper design and the marking scheme and practising these Goa Board Class 11 Biology Marking Scheme & Blueprint will help students to ace in the final exams.

Download Goa Board Class 11 Biology Marking Scheme & Blueprint PDF

Goa Board Class 11 Biology Practicals Marks Distribution( Question Paper Design)

It is always recommended to solve as many sample papers and previous year papers as possible before the exam for more practice. You can also download the blueprint and get an idea about the exam pattern and prepare accordingly for the exams.

Marks Weightage Given Unit wise

1. Diversity In Living Organisms 10
2. Structural Organisation In Animals and Plants 10
3. Cell Structure and Function 14
4. Plant Physiology 18
5. Animal Physiology 18
Total 70

Weightage to Form/ Types of Questions

Types of Questions % Weightage No. Of Questions Marks Out of 70
Objective Type 13 9 ( 4 MCQ + 5 VVSA) 9
VSA- Very Short Answer 20 7 14
SA-Short Answer 47 11 33
LA- Long Answer 20 3 14 ( 4+5+5)

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