NBSE Class 11 Textbooks

Nagaland Board of Secondary Education prescribes textbook for Class 11 students for subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths. These textbooks are written according to the syllabus framed by NBSE. Textbooks are a vital resource for students, which explains each and every chapter according to their difficulty level. When it comes to clear any doubts students should refer to their prescribed textbooks. Books are an essential study material for students of NBSE Class 11 if they want to ace their exams. Students can download PDF of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths textbook from the table provided below.

NBSE Class 11 Maths Textbook

Maths is a subject that needs practice and in-depth understanding of concepts. So, in doing so students need study material such as NBSE Class 11 Maths textbook. Maths textbook of Class 11 NBSE covers topics, sub-topics, activities, examples, assignments and projects. Each chapter of Maths textbook explains concepts with solved examples as well as provides exercise problems for students to practise.

NBSE Class 11 Physics Textbook

Textbook of Physics for NBSE Class 11 makes the learning process easier for students. With the help of Physics textbook, students can clear their doubts and prepare for their exams. Physics textbook provides an outline of the course and all the units are organized properly. The textbook uses simple language to elaborately explain the topics and subtopics of each and every chapter.

NBSE Class 11 Chemistry Textbook

Chemistry textbook of Class 11 includes proper information about the concepts that need to be studied in Class 11. The textbook is a valuable resource which provides information related to the topic without making things complicated. It helps students to prepare themselves for Chemistry exam without skipping any important topic. Students are also advised to read their textbooks to score satisfactory marks.

NBSE Class 11 Biology Textbook

The textbook of NBSE Class 11 textbook compiles all topics and subtopics mentioned in syllabus. Reading through the textbook will help students to memorize concepts, understand difficult concepts, etc. All the chapters included in textbook of Chemistry are elaborately explained with solved examples. At the end of each chapter, there are exercise questions for students to practise.

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