NBSE Class 9 Textbooks

A good textbook is very important because it serves as a guide to the syllabus, particularly suggesting what should be taught. Textbooks also provide exercises, activities, and suggestions for further reading, which encourages the teacher to supplement material from other sources. NBSE Class 9 textbook of Maths and Science is written according to the syllabus and gives an outline of the course. Class 9 students of Nagaland Board of Secondary Education need textbooks to prepare themselves to learn in advance. We have provided chapter wise PDF of Maths and Science in the table mentioned below.

NBSE Class 9 Maths textbook

The Maths textbook of Class 9 NBSE is carefully developed by a team of independent experts who research and club together all the necessary information required from all important sources. Good textbooks are excellent teaching aids. They are a rich resource for both teachers and students. Students should refer to their Maths textbook to clear whatever doubts they have related to difficult topics.

NBSE Class 9 Science textbook

Students of Class 9 should refer to their NBSE Class 9 Science textbook if they want to score satisfactory marks in their Science exam. Science textbooks provide organized units of work. A textbook gives you all the plans and lessons essential to cover a topic in detail. It enables students to learn, better, faster, clearer and easier. Go through each and every chapter of Class 9 NBSE Science textbook and pass the exam with flying colours.

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