Our Basic Needs

Certain things are essential for our lives, and we cannot survive without these basic needs.

Let us learn about these basic needs and why do we need them.

What are Our Basic Needs?

The five basic needs of every human being are air, water, food, clothing and shelter.


  • We need air to breathe. Without breathing, we cannot live for long.
  • Air contains oxygen, which is vital for life.
  • When we breathe, air enters our body through our nostrils and fills our lungs.
  • The blood absorbs oxygen and circulates throughout our body.
  • We inhale oxygen gas into our bodies and exhale carbon dioxide gas out of our bodies.
  • Air is essential for our survival. To breathe clean air, we must keep the air clean by preventing air from getting polluted.


  • Water is essential for all life on Earth. We can’t survive without water for more than four or five days.
  • Water is essential for drinking, bathing, washing, irrigation, cleaning, etc.
  • Nearly two-thirds of our body is water. Water helps in circulation and excretes waste products.
  • The electricity which we use is also produced mainly by water.
  • Water is essential for animals, plants and all living beings surviving on the Earth.
  • We must drink eight glasses of water a day. Therefore, we must take care to preserve and keep the water clean. Therefore, avoid polluting water and wastage of water.


  • Food is our primary need as we cannot live without food.
  • If we skip a meal, we get restless. Without eating food, we can’t survive for a long time.
  • Our body gets energy from the food we eat, and it provides us with the strength to work, run, play, write, read, etc.
  • Food helps in our growth and development, keeps us strong, healthy and protects us from diseases.
  • We must eat a healthy and balanced diet to keep our bodies healthy.
  • Avoid eating stale, rotten and uncooked food. Always wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly before using. Moreover, take care to cook and eat food hygienically.


  • Clothes are our primary need.
  • We cover our bodies with clothes.
  • Clothes protect us from heat, cold, rain, dust, etc.
  • Clothes also provide grace and beauty to our bodies and are required for modesty and privacy.
  • We wear clothes according to the weather. We wear cotton clothes in summer as they protect us from hot temperatures. We wear woollen clothes in winter as they keep us warm and protect us from the cold.


  • We, Humans, need shelter to protect ourselves.
  • Different types of houses are being constructed according to need and requirements.
  • We developed shelters by building homes that could facilitate the needs like comfort, safety and protection in heat, cold, cyclones, dust, storms, snow, wild animals, etc., in different regions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do we need clothes?

We need clothes to cover the body and protect us from cold and heat.


What are the main features of a good house?

The main features of a good house are:

  • A house should be airy and spacious.
  • It should have a good drainage facility.
  • The kitchen should be well ventilated. So that smoke doesn’t accumulate.

Why do we need air?

We need air because:

  • Air is essential for our life.
  • Air contains oxygen, which is vital for life.
  • Oxygen and nutritional components of food combine to provide energy to our bodies.

Why do we need water?

We need water because:

  • We can’t survive without water.
  • We must drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.
  • Shortage of water in the body may create many types of problems.

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