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India is usually associated with its rich culture and traditions. There are many festivals, holidays and celebrations that happen across the country on a daily basis. This article will provide information about these celebrations and more so that you can explore Indian culture and understand it better.

List of Lessons under UNIT 3 EVS B-Level

Following are the list of lessons that fall under unit 3 of B-level EVS. Click on the links to explore the lesson pages.

Life of Plants and Animals

Soil and Crops

Conservation of Soil and Forests

Sources of Energy and their Importance

Solar System and Earth

The country has a lot of geographical features, including mountains, snow-capped peaks, valleys, deserts and water bodies. It also has different climates in different regions. The east coast is humid and hot whereas the west coast is dry and hot. The southeast region gets heavy rainfall for six months in a year while the north experiences extremes in climate.

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