Our Body and Health


The human body is a complicated machine that consists of many “parts” which work together almost seamlessly. NIOS Unit 4 Our body and health aims to explore the various aspects of the human body – from its composition, parts and chemistry to other important aspects such as immunity and more.

List of Lessons under UNIT 4 EVS B-Level

Following are the list of lessons that fall under unit 4 of B-level EVS. Click on the links to explore the lesson pages.

Food and Health

Internal Organs of the Human Body

Common Diseases – Their reasons, prevention and protection

Garbage and Waste Disposal

Your body is important and you should take care of it. Your body needs food to survive, but not just any food – hence, you should eat healthy. Exercise is also very important because it will make your body stay in shape and have more energy for when you need it.

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