Nature of Government System

The key element of a country is the government.

What is Government?

Government is an indispensable element of a country. The government gives all the powers, and the country cannot exist without the government.

Types of Government

In our country India, there have been different types of government, before British rule, during British rule, and after independence.

Here, let us learn about the different types of government systems.

There are four different types of government systems.


The government system in which all the power of governance is in the hands of a single person, known as the King or Emperor.

Monarchy is the oldest type of government system, where everyone in the kingdom obeyed and followed the King’s command, and the King was treated similar to God.


A dictatorship is a government where an individual or group of people exert power without any limitations to constitutional authority.

A person who governs in this manner is called a dictator.


When an army or a nation’s people physically wield their power or dictatorship, through a combination of either war or diplomacy, over another country to exploit its resources, is called colonialism.

The country occupied by another country is called the colony of that country. Before independence, India was a colony of Britain.

Democratic system

Democracy is known as freedom or a republic.

The democratic system is a system of government selected by the public or other eligible state members through elected representatives.

In this government system, the powers are in the hands of the public and the people of the country run the government through the representatives elected by them.

In Indian democracy, the law is the same for every citizen, and a citizen who is 18 years old has the right to vote and elect a representative of their choice.

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