Accountancy Senior Secondary Syllabus

Accounting is the process of recording financial events, analyzing them, preparing reports on the analysis, and then compiling the reports to produce financial statements. It’s also about providing information to people about these financial events and reports in a language that they can understand. The goal of accounting is to make sense of all these transactions in order to create an accurate financial picture. Accountants are in demand in most industries. However, traditional accountancy is becoming less popular due to new emerging technologies. As a result, accountancy is evolving with the introduction of new skill sets and tools. Regardless, accounting is an important part of every company’s finances. It’s not just about numbers and calculations, it also involves management and business decisions that affect the company’s future

Senior Secondary Accountancy Syllabus

Following are some of the chapters that students will have to learn in their senior secondary:

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Module-I : Basic Accounting

1. Accounting – An Introduction

2. Accounting Concepts

3. Accounting Conventions and Standards

4. Accounting for Business Transactions

5. Journal

6. Ledger

7. Cash Book

8. Special Purpose Books


Module-II : Trial Balance and Computers

9. Trial Balance

10. Bank Reconciliation Statement

11. Bills of Exchange

12. Errors and their Rectification

13. Computer and Computerised Accounting System


Module-III : Financial Statements

14. Depreciation

15. Provision and Reserves

16. Financial Statements – An Introduction

17. Financial Statements – I

18. Financial Statements II

19. Not for Profit Organisations – An Introduction

20. Financial Statements (Not for Profit Organisations)

21. Accounts From Incomplete Records


Module-IV : Partnership Accounts

22. Partnership – An Introduction

23. Admission of a Partner

24. Retirement and Death of a Partner

25. Dissolution of a partnership firm


Module-V :Company Accounts

26. Company – An Introduction

27. Issue of Shares

28. Forfeiture of Shares

29. Reissue of Forfeited Shares

30. Issue of Debentures


Module-VI : Analysis of Financial Statements

31. Financial Statements Analysis-An Introduction

32. Accounting Ratios-I

33. Accounting Ratios-II

34. Cash Flow Statement


Module-VII :Application of Computers in Financial


35. Electronic SpreadSheet

36. Use of Spread-sheet in Business Application

37. Graphs and Charts for Business

38. Database Management System for Accounting

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