History Senior Secondary Syllabus

Studying history is important for students as it will help them understand the past and thus better prepare themselves for their futures. History teaches us about how people live, behave, and think in different circumstances. Studying history also teaches us how we can improve our life today by learning from those who came before us. Some people think that studying history is not important for students because the past is over and it does not affect them. What they don’t realize is that by studying history, we will be able to understand the present better. Studying history also helps us see what mistakes are being made or have already been made in the past so that we can avoid them in the present. By understanding what caused mistakes in the past, we will be able to correct them more efficiently if they happen again.

Senior Secondary History Syllabus

Following are some of the chapters that students will have to learn in their senior secondary:

Sl. No.



Module 1 – Ancient India


Module 2 – Medival India


Module 3 – Modern India


Module 4 – Indian National Movement


Module 5 – 20th Century world


Module 6A – Evolution of State in India


Module 6B – Culture in India

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