Mass Communication Senior Secondary Syllabus

Mass communication, also called mass media, is the process by which a message is transmitted to a large audience via the broadcast of information from a central source. In other words, mass communication can be defined as the transmission of messages or content from one or more individuals to many people at the same time. In today’s world, this is done through technology such as television, social media and radio broadcasts. However, it can also be done through newspapers and magazines. Whatever form it takes, mass communication has had an enormous impact on society since its inception in 1837 with Morse’s invention of the telegraph. The field of Mass Communication also offers interesting and challenging careers in journalism, TV and movie production, advertising and public relations, just to name a few.

Senior Secondary Mass Communication Syllabus

Following are some of the chapters that students will have to learn in their senior secondary:

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Introduction to Mass Communication

1. Introduction to communication Communication

2. Mass Communication

3. Role and impact of mass media

4. Development communication


Print Media

5. Introduction to print media

6. What is news?

7. Reporting and editing

8. Language press in India



9. Characteristics of radio

10. The radio station

11. Formats of radio programmes

12. Radio programme production



13. Television in India

14. Role of television as a mass medium

15. Television channels

16. Television program production


Advertising and Public Relations

17. Advertising – An introduction

18. Advertising- An industry

19. Public relations – An introduction

20. Public relations – Tools


New Media

21. Characteristics of new media

22. New media: the industry

23. New media: target audience

24. New media: employment opportunities


Traditional Media

25. Introduction to traditional media

26. Types of traditional media

27. Comparison of traditional media with electronic media

28. Communication through traditional media



25. Introduction to photography

26. The camera

27. Photojournalism

28. Role of a photojournalist

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