NIOS Senior Secondary Course Syllabus For Psychology

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour.

The study of psychology is essential as it deals with important aspects of human behaviour, human development, mental health, social behaviour and various psychological concepts with the help of case studies.

Psychology is a multifaceted discipline that has a large number of opportunities for employment. A course in psychology at the senior secondary level helps students to understand the fundamental processes, applications of psychology, different techniques used in studying psychology, and other psychological functioning and its effects.

The entire course has been divided into seven units and thirty-five chapters, with self-assessment provided at the end of each chapter. The total duration of the lesson plan is 240 hours, which has been distributed according to the topics and subtopics.

NIOS Senior Secondary Course Syllabus for Psychology

Students should analyse the syllabus properly before starting their preparations.

Check the links below for more information about each chapter in the NIOS senior secondary course syllabus for group B – Psychology.

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Unit 1: Foundations of Psychology

Chapter 1: Psychology: Understanding Self and Others

Chapter 2: How Psychologists Study?

Chapter 3: Biological and Cultural Shaping of Mind and Behaviour

Chapter 4: Becoming Aware of the World around Us

Chapter 5: Attention and Perception

Unit 2: Key Psychological Processes

Chapter 6: Learning Process and Acquiring Skills

Chapter 7: Remembering and Forgetting

Chapter 8: Going Beyond the Reality: Thinking and Reasoning

Chapter 9: Motivation

Chapter 10: Emotions

Unit 3: Developmental Processes

Chapter 11: Development: Its Nature

Chapter 12: Domains of Development

Chapter 13: Adolescence

Chapter 14: Adulthood and Aging

Chapter 15: Understanding Individual Differences: The case of Intelligence

Unit 4: Self and Personality

Chapter 16: What is Self?

Chapter 17: Self and Psychological Processes

Chapter 18: Personality Theories

Chapter 19: Personality Assessment

Chapter 20: Psychological Disorder

Unit 5: Social and Applied Psychology

Chapter 21: Group Processes

Chapter 22: Person Perception and Interpersonal Attraction

Chapter 23: Man Environment Interaction

Chapter 24: Psychotherapy

Chapter 25: Health Psychology

Unit 6: World of Work

Chapter 26: Education and Work

Chapter 27: Career Development

Chapter 28: Vocational Choice and Vocational Adjustment

Chapter 29: Stress and Your Health

Chapter 30: Stress Management and Well-Being

Unit 7: Facilitating Early Childhood Education

Chapter 31: Developmental Patterns in Early Childhood

Chapter 32: Play Centre: Objectives

Chapter 33: Play Centre: Structural Details

Chapter 34: Planning and Conducting Programmes

Chapter 35: Involvement of Parents and Community in a Play Centre

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