Online Classes for Class 8 CBSE, State Board & ICSE Students

Learning has become much more accessible and fun since the conception of digital learning. With online classes for Class 8 students offered by us, students can enhance their conceptual understanding and become more confident in their academics.

Class 8 marks the end of regular school life and seeks more maturity towards studies. As it is the class that bridges the gap between carefree Class 7 students and the learning-oriented Class 9 students, Class 8 is considered to be very crucial.

Good command over the subjects taught in Class 8 results in a strong grip on subjects in the Senior Secondary and Higher Secondary classes. One can very well say that Class 8 sets the foundation for the bigger picture. It introduces students to a little more extensive learning than before and braces them for the upcoming challenges- Classes 9 to 12.

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The Best Online Guidance

Being such a turning point in a student’s life, Class 8 needs a lot of hard work and proper guidance. As a student, hard work is your responsibility. As for guidance, BYJU’S, India’s most loved learning app, is offering you the best lot of teachers in the country to guide you in scoring your best in Class 8. We are providing online classes for Class 8 CBSE, State Board and ICSE students.

What makes our online classes stand apart?

  1. Interactive classes by the best teachers
  2. The classes are highly interactive and are conducted by India’s best teachers. These online classes occur according to the time table. This ensures continuous learning.

  1. One-on-one mentor guidance
  2. Mentors offer one-on-one guidance to the students. They keep a track of the students’ learning graph and suggest how they can learn better, work on the areas of improvement, and score higher in their exams.

  1. The BYJU’S app advantage
  2. The BYJU’S app is India’s most loved and trusted learning app. Students get access to 24/7 video lessons on the app, along with unlimited practice and revision possibilities.

  1. Extra Classes
  2. Students get personalized extra classes, as per their requirements. Students can choose and attend extra classes to make up for any missed lessons. These extra classes can also be utilized to strengthen concepts or learn for an upcoming exam.

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  1. Monthly Progress Reports
  2. Through our online classes, students get a 360° evaluation of their learning path through monthly progress reports and discussions. Extra classes for the students can be recommended accordingly by the mentors. In addition, parents get updates on their child’s performance during monthly meetings.

Our students are getting personalized learning, adaptive tests, interactive quizzes, engaging video lessons and a lot more for their Class 8 preparations.

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