Class 12(Classroom Learning)

“Byju’s has been an excellent experience forme, and I feel that I took the right decision
by joining this institute. The faculty and theadmin staff at Byju’s have always given me the confidence achieve my goals. The constant support and guidance from the teachers have helped me develop confidence to face the competitive exams and do my best. The teachers are very friendly, approachable and always available for any sort of help. Their unique style of teaching and explaining the subject, makes understanding any concept simple and easy.”

Trisha Chander

Class 9 (App Based Learning)

“I have been using the learning app for over a period of time now. It has pooled in the
Industry’s best hands in the fields of Maths,Physics, Chemistry and Biology with an astounding knowledge base. The concepts, illustrations and overall explanation are very detailed and second to none. The app has helped me nail the basics to perfection and I have a strong sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Last but not the least it is perfect for our tech savvy generation and I just can’t stop loving this app!”

Neha Shah Naresh

Self employed

“my daughter used to hate Math before, now she is able to attent Math tests with confidence. She has now started loving maths, too good!”

Narumanchi Venkateshwaran

Civil Contractor

“Excellent teacher and amazing method of teaching, if i had this teacher in my school day hope i would have achieved my dream to becoming a lecturer”

Shashi Prabha

House wife

“Beautifully explained. Simple language & taught in easy way.”

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  1. Sahana Pericherla

    I have been using BYJU’S since the past two years and saw a great change in me like I am a good student in my class like I study good. But after I started learning in BYJU’S I became my class topper. So, I really thank BYJU’S and the team.