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Maths is a difficult subject to master. School students need a lot of support and guidance from teachers while learning various topics and concepts related to it. BYJU’S Tuition Centres give you the best Maths tutors. A Maths tutor at BTC will not only teach you but will also guide you in your journey towards success in this field.

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Maths tutors at BTCs follow a learner-centric teaching pedagogy. Visual explanations are preferred to traditional chalk and board lecture methods. Classrooms at BYJU’S Tuition Centres are fully equipped with high-tech teaching aids operated by the best Maths tutors. Animated videos, puzzles, games, and interactive activities form the basis of our Maths tuition classes.

Our Maths tutors at BTCs are highly experienced, and they teach students following CBSE, ICSE, and other selected state boards across the country. Students in Grades 4-10 can avail of tuition from the best Maths tutors at BYJU’S Tuition Centres (BTCs). Monthly parent-teacher meetings are conducted by our Maths tutors to facilitate the proper conveyance of students’ progress to parents.

Some other notable features of our BYJU’S Tuition Centres (BTCs) are as follows:

  • On-the-spot resolution of doubts and queries
  • Quality assessments and tests on Maths
  • Two-teacher model for better understanding of Maths in online classes

Easy accessibility is a crucial factor involved in decisions regarding enrolment into tuition centres. Maths tuition near students can be easily accessed by anyone living within a radius of 5 km around BYJU’S Tuition Centres (BTCs). Students can contact us if they are not able to locate their nearest BYJU’S Tuition Centres.

Offline and Online Maths Tutors at BYJU’S Tuition Centres (BTCs)

To provide students with easy access and availability, we offer Maths tuition at BTCs in a hybrid mode. Students can avail of Maths tuition from both offline and online Maths tutors near them. Online classes are accessible on BYJU’S – The Learning App from anywhere in the world. Online Maths tutors take two sessions in a class. One online Maths tutor explains the concepts of the lessons, while the other focuses solely on clearing your doubt and queries. Offline classes are available at your nearest registered BYJU’S Tuition Centre (BTC).

Along with teachers, parents also are an important part of students’ performance in academics. Maths tutors at BTCs analyse students’ progress and performance constantly and give regular feedback to parents. Remedial solutions to help students improve their competence are also suggested. Maths tutors at BTCs also design personalised tuition classes for students who lag behind in their coursework.

Other benefits that students can access from Maths tutors by enrolling at BYJU’S Tuition Centres (BTCs) are given below:

  • We facilitate a competitive peer-learning environment.
  • Soft skills and interactive skills are taught at the centres.
  • Pre-recorded lessons and study materials are available on BYJU’S – The Learning App.
  • Group discussions and peer interaction ease understanding of concepts.
  • We present a two-teacher model for online classes.
  • Face-to-face interaction with the teachers at tuition centres will help cover all learning gaps.
  • Regular homework is given along with subjective assessments.
  • Tricks involved in application-based problems are taught.
  • Students are prepared for other exams like Olympiads, scholarship tests and entrance exams.
  • Analysis of tests and assessments is available on the app.
  • Quizzes and tests can be accessed and attempted anytime from anywhere on the app.

BYJU’S Tuition Centres (BTCs) are here to give your child the best Maths tutors to help them achieve new heights of success.