Online Classes for Class 11 CBSE, State Board & ICSE Students

Class 11 is one of the toughest classes of a student’s school life. It is believed that Class 11 is even tougher than the Class 12 board exams. In this crucial phase, students need reliable guidance so that they can get a good grip over the concepts. We are here to offer the most comprehensive, trustable and detailed Online Classes for Class 11 CBSE, State Board and ICSE students.

Class 11 is the phase where Physics, Chemistry, etc., are introduced as separate subjects. All the subjects in Class 11 are taught in considerable depth. To grasp everything properly, students need patience, concentration as well as appropriate assistance in learning.

Advantages of our Online Classes

Here are some of the major benefits of our free online classes for Class 11 CBSE, State Board and ICSE students:

  1. Get guidance from India’s top teachers

  2. The classes are conducted by highly professional and expert teachers. Every class is taught with the use of visual aids to make learning simple and engaging. Engaging video lessons and interactive quizzes make our online classes more preferred compared to other classes. Students can also get their doubts solved instantly from their assigned teachers during the class to strengthen conceptual understanding.

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  1. One-on-one guidance from mentors

  2. Students get one-on-one guidance through their mentors. BYJU’S mentors are aided by technology to guide and support students throughout their learning journeys. Mentors will keep track of students’ learning blueprint and suggest how they can learn better, improve on their weak areas and score higher in their examinations. Visit here to know more about the Effectiveness Of Online Tuition.

  1. Customized extra classes

  2. There are times when students are unable to attend a particular class due to some reason. We ensure that this does not make the student lag. In our online classes, students can attend extra classes with BYJU’S teachers for additional support. This assists them in revising the missed lessons, preparing for exams and working on their areas of improvement.

  1. Monthly Progress Report

  2. In our online classes, students get a 360° evaluation of their learning path through monthly progress reports and discussions. Based on the individual student’s performance, mentors recommend which personalized extra classes would help the students in getting higher scores and understanding of the concepts. You can learn more about the merits of online learning in the linked article.

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  1. Adaptive learning journeys on BYJU’S app

  2. The BYJU’S app keeps track of every student’s learning journey. Our students have a Knowledge-Graph based on their learning needs and speed. This links different concepts and helps students identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

BYJU’S, India’s most loved learning app, is extending its hands to assist students of the country to strengthen themselves academically through our online classes for Class 11.

If you are looking out for the best and most comprehensive online classes for Class 11, look no further. Give your learning journey a boost by connecting with us. Book a FREE Demo Class today and get all that you would need to qualify your exams with flying colours!