Odisha Class 10 Board Exam Time Table

Board of Secondary Education, Odisha has released the time table for class 10 board exam students. The exams were conducted in 2 sittings. The 1st sitting exam had started from 23rd Feb and ended on 8th March whereas for 2nd sitting it had started on 22nd Feb and ended on 3rd March 2019.

Odisha 10th Board Exam Time Table

Here, we have provided the Odisha board class 10 date sheet for students. Going through the date sheet students can easily plan their studies and speed up their exam preparation. Also, they can analyse the time gap between two exams and prepare accordingly to those subjects which has less time. See the detailed time table for bse odisha class 10 below:

Odisha Board Class 10 Date Sheet for 1st Sitting

Date Name of Subject
23 Feb 2019 1st Language: FLO, FLB, FLH, FLU, FLT, FLE (For Alt English)
26 Feb 2019 2nd Language: SLE (English), SLH (Hindi), SEP Env. & Population Edn. (Only for hearing Impaired Candidates)
28 Feb 2019 3rd Language: TLH, TLS, TLO, TLP, TLV (Theory)- Time 01 hour Visual Art (Theory) Only for Hearing Impaired Candidates
03 Mar 2019 MTH (Mathematics)
04 Mar 2019 TLV (Practical)- Time 2 Hours Visual Art (Practical) 3rd Language
06 Mar 2019 GSC (Science)
08 Mar 2019 SSC (Social Science)

Odisha Board Class 10 Date Sheet for 2nd Sitting

Date Name of Subject
22 February 2019 Paper-1 (VOD) Sanskruta Vyakarana O Darshan
24 February 2019 Paper-2 (SHA) Sanskruta Sahityam
26 February 2019 Paper-3 (KKJ/AVJ) Praypgatmaka Sanskruta
27 February 2019 Paper-4 (MOR/MHN) (ODIA/Hindi)
29 February 2019 Paper-5 (MTH) Mathematics
03 March 2019 Paper-6 (GSC) (Science)
03 March 2019 Paper-7 (SSC) (Social Science)
03 March 2019 Paper-8 (Eng) English

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