Odisha Board Class 9 Sample Papers

Even if students are thorough with the textbooks, they are advised to practice the Odisha Board Class 9 Sample Papers as these papers will give an idea about the exam pattern and the important questions. It will help the students to score well in the exams. Here, students can find the BSE Odisha class 9 sample papers for subjects Social Science, Language, Science and Maths, which can help them to prepare for the exams.

By solving these sample papers, students will get an overview of the question paper pattern and marking scheme, thus helping them to plan their studies well. They can also self-assess their performance and fulfill the knowledge gap.

Find the Odisha Board Class 9 Model papers from the downloadable links provided in the table below:

Odisha Board Class 9 Model Papers

These sample papers have been prepared based on the same format as the final exam question papers and keeping in mind the marking scheme for the exams.

Why Solve Odisha Board Class 9 Sample Papers?

  • Students get acquainted with the exam pattern and question types, thus gaining confidence to face the exams
  • Solving these papers gives a proper foundation of the subject, as students get sufficient practice answering these questions
  • These papers also help the students to prepare for the exams in a better way, with more focus on topics of importance
  • Setting the time to solve these papers will help students to manage their time more effectively for the final exams
  • Sample papers help the students to identify areas of the subject, which they are weak in and prepare accordingly
  • These help the students to have a foolproof plan in place to prepare for the exams so that they score high marks

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