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Additive Inverse Calculator
Additive Inverse of a Number = (-1) x Number
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Additive Inverse of a Number

The additive inverse calculator is a free online tool which can find the additive inverse of any number that is entered. For example, if any number, say, 10 is entered, the tool will find the additive inverse of 10 and give the result as -10.

What is Additive Inverse?

Additive inverse refers to any number that when added to the original number gives the result as zero. For instance, the additive inverse of 8 is -8 as 8 + (-8) = 0. It is possible to get the additive inverse of negative numbers too. For example, the additive inverse of -10 will be 10 as -10 + 10 = 0.

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Formula for Additive Inverse

Additive Inverse of a = (-1) × a

How to Use Additive Inverse Calculator?

To use the additive inverse tool, follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Enter any numeric value (Integer/Decimal Number) in the first input box i.e. across the “Number” column.
  • Step 2: Click on the button “Calculate”.
  • Step 3: Get the additive inverse of the entered number across the “Additive Inverse of a Number” box.

For example, if the entered number is 48, then the additive inverse of 48 is -48 which will be displayed in the output box.

Frequently Asked Questions on Additive Inverse Calculator


What does additive inverse mean?

Additive inverse of a number is defined as a number which when added to the actual number results in 0.


What is the formula of additive inverse?

The formula for the additive inverse of a number “a” is (-1) × a


What is the additive inverse of 23?

The additive inverse of 23 is (-1) × 23 = -23


What is the additive inverse of 1 by 5?

The additive inverse of ⅕ = (-1) × (⅕) = -⅕.

Disclaimer: This calculator development is in progress some of the inputs might not work, Sorry for the inconvenience.


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