Chhattisgarh State Board Class 2 Books 2021-22 PDF | Download CGBSE Textbooks for Class 2

In the CGBSE textbooks, every concept is explained with a certain amount of reference to what the children already know about that particular subject. This helps them to learn the concepts well, even as it adds more to their experiences. The textbooks are created based on the child’s language / mother-tongue used in the classrooms, thus making it easier for them to understand the subject properly. Here, we have provided the links to download Chhattisgarh Board Class 2 Textbook of Mathematics, both the English and Hindi versions.

CGBSE Class 2 Maths Textbook

Chhattisgarh Board Class 2 Maths books are used both as a guide by teachers and for self-learning by children. The book contains games with the aim to attract the attention of children to the subject. In order that the students understand every concept well, these are explained using play, concrete objects, stories and activities. If children find some of the sums too difficult for them to solve, more pointed questions are asked as a way to guide them to answer with the right solution.

Download CGBSE Class 2 Maths Textbook- English & Hindi Medium

CGBSE Class 2 Maths Textbook(English Medium)
CGBSE Class 2 Maths Textbook(Hindi Medium)

Find the list of lessons or chapter names from the Class 2 Maths textbook as well from below:

S. No. Lessons
1 Revision
2 Numbers
3 Addition
4 Subtraction
5 Multiplication
6 Division
7 Length
8 Weight
9 Capacity
10 Time
11 Shapes
12 Money
13 Understanding Data
Devanagari Numerals

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