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The Decameter to Statute Miles Calculator is an online tool that converts a value in decameter (dam) into corresponding statute miles unit. BYJU’S unit conversion calculator is a tool that makes calculations simple and quick, by just giving an input value.

1 Decameter = 0.006 Statute Miles

Decameter to Statute Miles Conversion

A decameter is an SI unit of length or distance. A statute mile is US customary unit of length.

1 decameter = 10 meter

1 meter = 0.0006 Statute miles


1 decameter = 0.0006 x 10 statute miles

1 dam = 0.006 mi (US)

How to use Decameter to Mile (Statute) Calculator?

To convert a value in the decameter unit to its equivalent statute mile unit, follow the below given steps:

Step 1: Enter the value in decameter unit within the input field

Step 2: Click on “Solve” button to get the required result

Step 3: The converted value in statute mile will appear in the output field

Decameter to Mile (Statute) Table

Decameter (dam) Statute Mile (mi US)
1 0.006
2 0.012
3 0.019
4 0.025
5 0.031
6 0.037
7 0.043
8 0.050
9 0.056
10 0.062


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