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The Energy Storage Calculator is an online tool which shows Energy Storage for the given input. BYJU’S Energy Storage Calculator makes calculations simple and interesting. It is easy to calculate the unknown quantity whether it is Potential difference, Electrical charge or Energy storage by using this calculator.

How to use Energy Storage Calculator?

The procedure to calculate the energy storage or potential difference or electrical storage is given below with steps.

Step 1: Give the value of two given quantity in the respective input fields

Step 2: Mention the unknown quantity as x

Step 3: Click on “Calculate the unknown” button

The value of the unknown quantity will appear on the screen

What is Energy Storage?

Energy storage is the reserved energy saved for the later use. Accumulator and batteries are devices that are used to store energy. There are various forms of energy such as radiation, chemical, gravitational, electrical, kinetic, potential, etc. The unit of energy is in joules.

Potential difference defines the change in potential energy when a charge is moved from one point to another, divided by the charge. The unit of potential difference is joules per coulomb.

Electrical Charge is a physical property of a matter that defines the force exerted when the matter is kept in the electric or magnetic field. There are two types of charge: Postive and Negative.


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