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The Palindrome Checker an online tool which shows Palindrome Checker for the given input. Byju's Palindrome Checker is a tool
which makes calculations very simple and interesting. If an input is given then it can easily show the result for the given number. Byju’s Palindrome calculator is a great free online tool to determine whether a word or number is palindrome or not. This calculator has three tabs. One of them is input tab asking “Enter the number/word”. In this we have to enter the number or the word for which we want to know whether they are palindrome or not. As soon as we enter word/number and click on the button “Solve” we get the reverse string of the word/ number entered above in the one output tab. In the second output tab we get the desired result telling whether string ispalindrome or not. The calculator does a quick calculation and provides you with the desired results within a span of seconds. Palindrome is generally referred to a word , number , sequence or phrase which is same when read backwards and forwards. While determining palindrome for a word , phrase or sequence punctuation and spaces are not allowed between them. For e.g. Radar , madam , anna etc. By using Byju’s online palindrome calculator , you can determine whether string is palindrome or not within fraction of seconds. You just need to provide number/word to the calculator. The online tool can save your valuable time and provides you with the most accurate results. To learn the similar concepts in science and mathematics by watching vibrant video lectures on them , download Byju’s The Learning App.

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