Projectile Motion For Vertical Displacement Calculator

Formula: Δ y = Vy0*(t) 12  g*(t)2

Enter the unknown value as ‘ x ‘

Vertical Displacement at Timey) = m/s
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The Projectile Motion for Vertical Displacement Calculator is an online tool to find the vertical displacement when a particle is in projectile motion, under constant acceleration. BYJU’S calculator here will quickly determine the vertical displacement caused by a projectile motion of the particle.

Vertical Displacement of Projectile Motion

When a particle is thrown, near the earth’s surface, obliquely and it moves under constant acceleration, along a curved path, which is directed towards the center of earth, such motion of the particle is called vertical projectile motion, where the projectile term is used for the path of particle. Here, the particle moves along y-axis.

Vertical displacement caused due to projectile motion of particle is given by:

∆y = V0 t – 1/2 g t2

Where ∆y  is the vertical projectile displacement

V= initial velocity of the particle

t = time of flight

g = acceleration of gravity

If the particle moves under constant velocity, the projectile motion is called horizontal projectile motion. Here, the particle moves along the x-axis.

How to Find Vertical Displacement of Projectile Motion?

To find the vertical displacement of a particle in projectile motion, using calculator, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Mention the values of initial velocity and time of flight in the respective input fields

Step 2: Mention ‘x’ in the ‘Vertical Displacement at Time’ input field

Step 3: Click on “Calculate the unknown” button to get the result

Step 4: The value of vertical projectile displacement will appear in the output field

Practice Problems

  1. Find the vertical projectile displacement of a particle when the initial velocity is 10 m/s, time of flight is 30 second and acceleration of gravity is 2 meters per sq.sec.
  2. Find the initial velocity of the particle, when it is projected with the acceleration of gravity of 3 meters per square second and the time of flight is 15 second to get vertically displaced by 500 meters.


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