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Rectangular Prism Calculator is a free online tool that displays the surface area and the volume of the rectangular prism. BYJU’S online rectangular prism calculator tool makes the calculation faster and it displays the rectangular prism surface area and the volume in a fraction of seconds.

How to Use the Rectangular Prism Calculator?

The procedure to use the rectangular prism calculator is as follows:

Step 1: Enter the length, width and height in the input field

Step 2: Now click the button “Calculate” to get the volume and the surface area

Step 3: Finally, the surface area and the volume of the rectangular prism will be displayed in the output field

What is Meant by Rectangular Prism?

In mathematics, the rectangular prism is an alternate term to represent the shape of a cuboid. In a rectangular prism, all the six faces are rectangles. The rectangular prism is classified into two different types, namely non-right rectangular prism and right rectangular prism. If “l” is the length, “w” is the width, and “h” is the height of the rectangular prism, then the surface area and volume formula are given as follows:

The surface area of a rectangular prism = 2 [( width x length ) + ( length x height ) + (width x height )] square units

The volume of a rectangular prism = length x width x height cubic units.


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