Adding Scientific Notation Calculator

Scientific Notation 1= x 10 ^
Scientific Notation 2= x 10 ^
Addition = x 10 ^

Adding Scientific Notation Calculator is a free online tool that displays the addition of given scientific notations. BYJU’S online Adding Scientific Notation calculator tool makes the calculation faster, and it displays the sum of scientific notation of two numbers in a fraction of seconds.

How to Use the Adding Scientific Notation Calculator?

The procedure to use the adding scientific notation calculator is as follows:
Step 1: Enter two scientific notation numbers in the respective input field
Step 2: Now click the button “Solve” to get the result
Step 3: Finally, the addition of the given numbers will be displayed in the output field

What is Meant by Scientific Notation?

Scientific notation is a way of writing very large numbers or very small numbers in a simpler form. As we know, the whole numbers extended till infinity, but we cannot write such huge numbers in a piece of paper. Also, the numbers which are present at the millions place after the decimal point needed to be written in a simpler form. Also, it isn’t easy to represent a few numbers in their expanded form. Hence, we use scientific notations to avoid this difficulty. When a number is written in scientific notation, the number between 1 and 10 will be multiplied by the power of 10. For example, 42000000 = 4.2 × 107.


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