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Angle Calculator is a free online tool that displays the central angle for the given radius and arc length. BYJU’S online angle calculator tool makes the calculation faster, and it displays the central angle in a fraction of seconds. 

Formula to find the central angle is given by:

θ = A/r

where θ is the central angle, A is the arc length and r is the radius.

To confirm the value of the central angle, we can use the angle calculator given above.

How to Use the Angle Calculator?

The procedure to use the angle calculator is as follows:

Step 1: Enter the arc length and radius in the respective input field

Step 2: Now click the button “Solve” to get the  result

Step 3: Finally, the central angle will be displayed in the output field

What is Meant by Angle?

In Mathematics, the angle is defined as a figure where the two rays meet at the common endpoint. The angle can be measured in terms of degrees or radians, which can be found out by using a protractor. The symbol used to represent the angle is ∠. The two rays that form the angle are called the arms of the angle, and the common endpoint is called the vertex. Based on the measures of the angle, the angle can be classified into different types. The different types of angles are:

  • Acute angle (less than 90 degrees)
  • Obtuse angle (more than 90 degrees)
  • Right angle (equal to 90 degrees)
  • Straight angle (equal to 180 degrees)
  • Reflex angle (more than 180 degrees)
  • Full angle (equal to 360 degrees)

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