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Formula : Δ M = F * Δ T.

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The Momentum with Time Calculator is an online tool that determines the value of change of momentum with time when the force exerted is known to us. BYJU’S calculator is very useful to find momentum with respect to time and force. Also, the value of force could be determined provided the value of changed momentum and time are known. The calculator here makes calculations simple and quick.

What is Momentum?

The tendency by which an object moves in a straight line with constant speed is called momentum.


Change in Momentum = Force x Change in Time

∆M = F x ∆T

Force = Change in momentum/Change in Time

F = ∆M/∆T

Time change = Momentum change/Force

∆T = ∆M/F

How to use Momentum with Time Calculator?

To find the value of change in momentum or force or time change using the calculator, follow the below given steps.

Step 1: Enter the values which are known to us in the respective input fields

Step 2: Mention ‘x’ for the unknown value

Step 3: Click on “calculate the unknown” to get the result

Step 4: The calculated value of the unknown quantity will appear in the output field

Solved Examples

Q.1: Find the value of momentum changed when Force and time change are given.

Force = 10N and Time change = 30 s

Solution: As we know,

Change in Momentum = Force x Change in Time


∆M = 10 x 30

∆M = 300 kg-m/s

Q.2: Find the value of force exerted on the object when the change in momentum is 400 kg-m/s and change in time is 20 s.

Solution: As we know,

Force = Change in momentum/Change in Time

F = ∆M/∆T

F = 400/20 = 20 N


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