Fraction Calculator With Variables

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The Fraction Calculator with Variables is an online tool that calculates the unknown value (variable ‘x’) when two fractions are said to be equal. BYJU’S calculator makes calculations simple and quick. If the values are given in the field the value of unknown variable can be evaluated in a fast manner using this tool.

How to Use Fraction Calculator with Variable?

Follow the steps given here to calculate the unknown value for the given equal fractions.

Step 1: Enter the known values in the given input fields

Step 2: Enter variable x for the unknown value

Step 3: Click on “Calculate the value of x” to get the result

Step 4: The value of x will be displayed in the output field

Solved Examples

Q.1: Find the value of x if 1/2 = 3/x

Solution: 1/2 = 3/x

x = 6

Q.2: Find the value of x if x/4=2/5

Solution: x/4=2/5

x = 1.6


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