Newtons Method Calculator

Newton’s method calculator or Newton-Raphson Method calculator is an essential free online tool to calculate the root for any given function for the desired number of decimal places. The root value of any equation of the form ax2 + bx + c = 0 can be computed to any desired level of accuracy using Newton’s calculator.

Newton’s Formula: x1 = x0 – f(x0)/f'(x0)


  • f(x0) is a function at x0,
  • f'(x) is the first derivative of the function at x0,
  • x0 is the initial value.

How to Use Newton’s Method Calculator

This tool to compute Newton’s method is extremely simple and easy to use. First, enter the equation in the first input box. For powers, use “^” symbol. Then enter the required starting number (initial value) in the second input box. Once the equation is entered, click on solve. Then, the exact result or root for the equation will be computed.

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