Definite Integral Calculator

The definite integral calculator is a free online tool that displays the value of the integral function, when the lower and the upper limits are given. BYJU’S online definite integral calculator tool makes the calculations faster, where it shows the result of the integral function in a fraction of seconds.

How to Use the Definite Integral Calculator?

The procedure to use the definite integral calculator is as follows:

Step 1: Enter the function, lower and the upper limits in the respective input fields

Step 2: Now click the button “Submit” to get the output

Step 3: The value of the definite integral will be displayed in the new window

Definite Integral Definition

In calculus, a definite integral is defined as an integral, that contains upper and the lower limits. The value of an integral function is expressed as the difference between the integral of the specified upper and the lower limits of the independent variables. The definite integral of a function is a number which represents the area under the curve function from the lower limit to the upper limit.

Standard Form

The standard form of the definite integral is given below:

Definite Integral = ∫ab f(x) dx

Here, f(x) is a function

Lower limit = a

Upper limit = b

Frequently Asked Questions on definite integral calculator


What are the two types of integrals in Maths?

The two different types of integrals are:

  • Definite Integral
  • Indefinite Integral

Mention the difference between the definite and indefinite integral.

Definite Integral has the upper and the lower limits, that represent the area under the curve of the given function from the lower to the upper limit. It does not have the constant of integration. Indefinite integral does not have the upper and the lower limit, and it gives a general solution to the differential equations. It has a constant of integration which gives the general form of integration.


How are integrals related to the fundamental theorem of calculus?

The definite and the indefinite integrals are linked to each other by the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. For computing the definite integral, find the indefinite integral of the given function, and evaluate the resultant function at the endpoints x = a and x = b.


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