Haryana Board Class 11 Physics Syllabus 2021-22

Physics is the most fundamental science. It helps us to appreciate the world around us. You must have seen the rainbow and said “wow, pretty colours!” Have you ever imagined why rainbow doesn’t appear always? It is because when sunlight passes through the water droplets present in the atmosphere, dispersion of light takes place resulting in the formation of the rainbow. This topic comes under ray optics which you all must have studied in class 10 Physics under the chapter name Human Eye and Colourful world. In class 11 Physics you will find many such interesting topics. To know what all topics are there, go through the detailed HBSE Class 11 Physics Syllabus.

HBSE Class 11 Physics Syllabus

The class 11 Physics syllabus of Haryana board consists of a total of 10 units which are further divided into 15 chapters as shown below. Students can also download the detailed syllabus consisting of subtopics in pdf format through the link below. The class 11 Physics practicals syllabus is also defined in the pdf along with the list of experiments. Moreover, it also contains the information like the number of periods, revision periods and practical work allocated for each unit.

Download HBSE Class 11 Physics Reduced Syllabus 2021-22 PDF

Units Unit Name Chapter Name
Unit 1 Physical World, Units & Measurement Chapter 1: Physical World
Chapter 2: Units and Measurement
Unit 2 Motion in a straight line, Motion in a plane Chapter 3: Motion in a straight line
Chapter 4: Motion in a plane
Unit 3 Laws of Motion Chapter 5: Laws of Motion
Unit 4 Work, Energy and Power Chapter 6: Work, Energy and Power
Unit 5 Motion of system of particles and rigid bodies Chapter 7: Motion of system of particles and rotational motion
Unit 6 Gravitation Chapter 8: Gravitation
Unit 7 Properties of bulk matters Chapter 9: Mechanical Properties of Solids
Chapter 10: Mechanical Properties of fluids
Chapter 11: Thermal Properties of Matter
Unit 8 Thermodynamics Chapter 12: Thermodynamics
Unit 9 Behaviour of perfect gas and kinetic theory Chapter 13: Kinetics Theory
Unit 10 Oscillations and Waves Chapter 14: Oscillations
Chapter 15: Waves

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