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HBSE 10th Board is responsible for conducting the Class 10 Board Exams in the state of Haryana.  The Board is responsible for carrying out all the activities like formulating the HBSE Class 10 Syllabus, designing the curriculum, and doing all related work. Class 10 is considered a turning-point in a student’s life. This phase of life shapes the future of students for their successive years. This is the stage where a student sits for their first board exam. Marks obtained in Class 10 HBSE Board exam is a deciding factor in the future of the students. HBSE 10th exam thus lays the huge stepping stone for their educational path, as most of the concepts introduced in this class are discussed further at length in higher classes

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Latest Notifications

  1. HBSE has released the results for Class 10 Board Examination, 2023.
  2. The HBSE has reduced the Class 10 syllabus by 30 percent.

About the HBSE 10th Board

The Board of Secondary Education, Haryana is responsible for conducting the Class 10 Board Exams every year. The HBSE 10th Board decides the dates of the examinations, and is in charge of regulating all the other activities to ensure smooth functioning of the exams. The minimum passing percentage of the HBSE Class 10 Board Exams is 33 percent. Students who have passed the Class 9 exam, are eligible  to apply for their 10th Board exams. 

Students usually fear facing the board exams. To remove this feeling of anxiety and exam fear students have to study throughout the year. Then only they will feel confident during the exams. For this it is necessary that students should have a proper study plan right from the beginning of the academic session. And for making an effective study plan they must have a thorough understanding of subjects and syllabus. Also, they should have the proper study material from Board Of School Education Haryana, which they could refer to while studying.

Therefore, to make students’ preparation more effective here we have provided all the details and study material for HBSE Class 10.


Functions of the HBSE 10th Board

The HBSE 10th  Board performs the following activities:

  1. Forming, and implementing the rules and regulations in accordance with the guidelines set by the State and Central board
  2. Implementing the syllabus/curriculum of all the grades
  3. Implementing the Exam schedule, textbooks and type
  4. Creation of textbooks and conduction of Examinations

Overview of the HBSE 10th Board

Exam Name Haryana Board of Secondary Education 10th Examination, 2023
Conducted by Board of School Education, Haryana (BSEH)
Exam Dates 27.02.2023 – 25.03.2023
Exam Duration 3 hours 
Number of Students 2,86,425
Official Website https://bseh.org.in/home 
Tentative Result Date 17 May 2023

HBSE 10th Board Study Materials 

HBSE 10th Class Syllabus
HBSE 10th Class Sample Papers
HBSE 10th Class Previous Year Question Papers 
HBSE 10th Results

HBSE Class 10 Syllabus

In the HBSE 10th board exam, all the question papers will be designed from the syllabus. So, it’s important that students should first understand the concepts from the textbook by completing the syllabus, and then they should devote time for practising and revision. Click on the link below to download the HBSE Class 10 syllabus of all the subjects.

HBSE Class 10 Syllabus

HBSE 10th Class Maths Syllabus 2021-22
HBSE 10th Class Science Syllabus 2021-22

HBSE 10th Class Sample Papers

Sample papers are the best resource to check the preparation level. Also, students can make out where they are committing mistakes and losing their marks. Accordingly, they can work on it and increase their chances of scoring high marks in the annual exam. To download the HBSE Class 10 Sample paper click on the link below.

HBSE Class 10 Sample Papers

HBSE 10th Class  Maths Sample Papers
HBSE 10th Class Science Sample Papers

HBSE 10th Previous Year Question Paper

Solving the previous years papers help students to understand the paper pattern, marking scheme, weightage of questions under each section and difficulty level of the paper in a better way. Therefore, students must solve the past years papers to evaluate their preparation level. We have compiled the HBSE 10th Board previous year papers from 2016 to 2018 for students convenience. They download these papers by visiting the link below.

HBSE Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers 2016 to 2018

HBSE 10th Class Previous Years Maths Question Papers
HBSE 10th Class Previous Years Science Question Papers

HBSE 10th Results Year-wise Comparison


  • Total Number of Students: The average number of students appearing for the HBSE 10th exams has been roughly around 3.5 lakhs. The numbers showed a remarkable increase in the year 2018, when 3,83,499 students appeared for their Class 10 HBSE Exams. In 2021, 3,18,373 students appeared for their HBSE 10th exams. Here is a comparison of the number of students appearing for the HBSE 10th exams over the last few years. 3,26,487 students appeared for the Class 10 examination in 2022 followed by 2,86,425 students in 2023. 


Year Number of Students Appeared
2023 2,86,425
2022 3,26,487
2021 3,18,373
2020 3,37,000
2019 3,64,000
2018 3,83,499
2017 3,18,000
2016 3,17,507

  • Overall Passing Percent: The performance of students in HBSE 10th exams has been increasing gradually over the years. In 2016, 48.88% of the students had passed, and this percentage increased in 2017, with 50.49% of the students passing. The percentage kept on increasing and in 2020 64.59% of the students passed. However, in 2021, all of the students appearing for the HBSE 10th exams had successfully qualified. The girls have been consistently performing better than the boys. Below is a comparison of the passing percentage of the students year-wise. This year (2023), the overall pass percentage has come to 65.43%. 
Year Overall Pass Percentage Boys Pass Percentage Girls Pass Percentage
2023 65.43 61.41 69.81
2022 73.18 70.50 76.26
2021 100 100 100
2020 64.59 60.27 69.86
2019 57.39 53.43 62.17
2018 51.15 47.61 55.34
2017 50.49 46.2 55.3
2016 48.88 45.71 52.62

You can visit our other page to know more about the HBSE Class 10 Results.

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