Ellipse Calculator

The ellipse calculator is a free online tool used to calculate the area of an ellipse. BYJU’S ellipse calculator tool is easy to access. Calculating the area of an ellipse manually is a bit time-consuming. To avoid this, an online ellipse calculator helps to obtain the solution with accuracy in a short period. Enter the input values such as horizontal distance(a) and the vertical distance(b) between the center and one vertex in the tool, to get the output.

Ellipse is an oval-shaped figure. It is a generalized case of the closed conical section. Many may see it as a circle that has been squashed either vertically or horizontally. The equation of an ellipse is similar to the circle. A conic section called “ellipse” is formed when a cone is sliced for a particular angle.

The standard form of an ellipse is

[(x – c1)2 / a2 ] + [(y- c2)2 / b2 ] = 1


(x, y) – coordinate points on the ellipse

(c1, c2) – coordinates of the center of an ellipse

a – the horizontal distance between the center and one vertex

b – the vertical distance between the center and one vertex.

  • If an ellipse is vertically elongated, then the value of b is greater than a. i.e., b > a
  • If an ellipse is horizontally elongated, then the value of a is greater than b. i.e.,a > b

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