Heron's Formula Calculator

Heron’s formula calculator provided here is a tool that will compute the area of a triangle using its three lengths. This calculator for Heron’s formulas requires three inputs (i.e. the three sides of a triangle) and solves for the area of the triangle. It also computes and displays the semi-perimeter of the triangle using the inputs.

Heron’s Formula: A = √[s(s – a)(s – b)(s – c)]

Where “s” is the semi-perimeter of the triangle i.e. s = (a+b+c) / 2

How to Use Heron’s Formula Calculator?

The Heron’s formula calculator of BYJU’S is an extremely easy tool to use. First, enter the value of the length of the first side of the triangle in the input area across “a”. Then, enter the length of the second arm of the triangle across “b”. Finally, enter the length of the third side across “c”. The tool will automatically compute and display the area of the triangle along with its semi-perimeter.