What are the advantages of Lok Adalat?

The advantages of Lok Adalat are as follows:

  • There is no court fee and if the court fee is already paid the amount will be refunded if the dispute is settled at Lok Adalat. In other words, it is less expensive.
  • The basic features of Lok Adalat are the procedural flexibility and speedy trial of the disputes. There is no strict application of procedural laws like the Civil Procedure Code and the Evidence Act while assessing the claim by Lok Adalat. 
  • Parties are free to discuss their differences of opinion without any fear of disclosure before any law courts. 
  • The parties to the dispute can directly interact with the judge through their counsel, which is not possible in regular courts of law. 
  • The award by the Lok Adalat is binding on the parties, and it has the status of a decree of a civil court, and it is non-appealable, which does not cause the delay in the settlement of disputes finally. 

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