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Multiplying 3 fractions calculator is a simple and free online tool which can compute the product of three fractions easily. In maths, a fraction represents a part of a whole i.e. how many parts of a whole are there. A fraction is represented as “a/b” where “a” is the numerator and “b” is the denominator.

Steps to Use Multiplying Three Fractions Calculator

This 3 fractions multiplying tool is extremely easy to use. The steps to use this calculator are:

  • Step 1: Enter the first fraction in a/b format.
  • Step 2: Enter the second fraction
  • Step 3: Enter the third fraction.
  • Step 4: Click on the “Multiply” button.

After clicking on the “Multiply” button, the tool will give the product of the three fractions in fraction form and in decimal form.

How to Multiply 3 Fractions?

For multiplying fractions, multiply the numerators and denominators of the given fraction. To multiply any 3 fractions, multiply the three numerators and then multiply the three denominators. After multiplying the numerators and denominators, write them as fractions. This will give the product of 3 fractions in fractional form. To get in decimal form, divide the numerator of the fractional product with its denominator.

For example, consider the fractions ¼ × ⅖ × ⅛.

In this, first multiply all the numerators: 1×2×1 = 2

Similarly, multiply all the denominators: 4×5×8 = 160

Now, the product of the three fractions will be 2/160.

Frequently Asked Questions on Multiplying 3 Fractions


What are the types of a fraction?

There are three main types of fractions which are:

  • Proper fractions
  • Improper fractions
  • Mixed fractions

Apart from these three, there are other categories like equivalent fractions, like fractions, unlike fractions, etc.


Is ⅗ a proper fraction?

Yes, ⅗ is a proper fraction. For a fraction to be proper, the numerator should be smaller than the denominator. For ⅗, 3<5 and so, it is a proper fraction.


Multiply ⅔ x ½

Multiply the numerators first and then the denominators.

So, ⅔ × ½ = (2×1)/(3×2) = 2/6.


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