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The “Square Mile to Square Kilometer Calculator” is an online tool that converts a value in square mile into its equivalent square kilometer value. BYJU’S Conversion Calculator tool makes calculations simple and quick. We need to enter the number in square mile in the input field to get the result up to three place of decimal.

1 Square Mile = 2.58999 Square Kilometer

How to use Square Mile to Square Kilometer Calculator?

Below here are the steps to use the calculator to convert square mile to square kilometer:

Step 1: Enter the value which is required to be converted into square kilometer, in input field

Step 2: Click the “Solve” button to get the result

Step 3: The equivalent value in square kilometer will appear in the output field

Square Mile to Square Kilometer Conversion

Square mile and square kilometer are the units to measure the area.

1 Square mile = 2.589988 Square Kilometer

1 mi2 = 2.589988 km2

1 km2 = mi2/0.38610

Square Mile to Square Kilometer Table

Square Mile Square Kilometer
1 2.59
2 5.18
3 7.77
4 10.36
5 12.95
6 15.54
7 18.13
8 20.72
9 23.31
10 25.90


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