VLAN Full Form

The full form of VLAN is Virtual Local Area Network. VLAN is a custom network- composed of one or more LAN (local area networks). A network... View Article

XSD Full Form

The full form of XSD is XML Schema Definition. XSD is a way to formally describe the structure and elements in an XML (Extensible Markup... View Article

NNTP Full Form

The full form of NNTP is Network news transfer protocol. NNTP is an application protocol that transports Usenet news articles (netnews) among... View Article


The full form of UEFI is Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. UEFI defines the software interface between platform firmware and an operating... View Article

DVI Full Form

The full form of DVI is Digital Visual Interface. DVI is a form of video display interface that creates an industry standard for the... View Article

FCFS Scheduling Full Form

The full form of FCFS Scheduling is First Come First Serve Scheduling. FCFS Scheduling algorithm automatically executes the queued processes and... View Article

A student is performing the experiment of resonance column. The diameter of the column tube is 6 cm. The frequency of the tuning fork is 504 Hz. Speed of the sound at the given temperature is 336 m/s. The zero of the metre scale coincides with the top end of the resonance column tube. The reading of the water level in the column when the first resonance occurs is:

a. 13 cm b. 14.8 cm c. 16.6 cm d. 18.4 cm Answer: (b) λ = v/f = 336/504 = 66.66cm λ/4 = l + e = l + 0.3d = l + 1.8 16.66 =... View Article