HP Board Class 10 textbooks (2018-19)

Textbooks is a resourceful tool giving in depth information to students. Textbooks are characterized to have information in textual and pictorial form such as flow charts, diagrams, mappings etc, to make learning simple and hassle free. Designed to be comprehensible enough for students for self study.

These books enables teachers to conduct classes in the most organized and systematic manner possible. Textbooks are carefully curated according to the calibre and psychological level of students .

The board makes conscious efforts in developing the syllabus and by continuous revisions and reviewing of information. Textbooks are put together after vigilant updates and from reliable resources so as to keep up with the times while not compromising on the quality by the subject matter experts for each subject appointed exclusively by the HP board.

Characteristics of a good textbook

A good textbook:

  • Provides what it aims at enlightening with: always aligns to its objectives
  • Use of thematic language and vocabulary: should not deviate in using appropriate language and progressive vocabulary to be imbibed
  • Structures and diagrammatical concepts to be upto the mark
  • Should be free of redundant information
  • Should be checked for grammatical and logical errors
  • Chapters included should be in accordance with the calibre and understanding of a certain class
  • Difficulty level should be checked for
  • No scope for ambiguity
  • Should shed light on key concepts and highlights
  • Include references and related books to refer towards the end of the chapter for enthusiasts
  • Should cater to the needs of differently abled students
  • Exercise questions to be included with solutions, solutions with different methods to solve problems
  • Includes questionnaire at the end from all chapters
  • Sample question papers in accordance with the question paper

Uses of textbooks

  • Reliable
  • Self study tool
  • Student friendly
  • Comprehensible language
  • Excellent one stop shop for all information
  • Provides questions with solved answers
  • Question papers at the end
  • Accessible everywhere and anywhere
  • Enhanced readability
  • Provides with a syllabus
  • Provides assessments and project ideas
  • Reviewed and proposed by experts in relative fields
  • Question bank

Click here to access revised mathematics and science textbooks prescribed by HPBOSE for class 10 for the academic year 2018-19.

X Class Mathematics Textbook

X Class Science Textbook

Practise This Question

Two cars having masses m1 and m2 move in circles of radii r1 and r2 respectively. If they complete the circle in equal time, the ratio of their angular speeds ω1ω2 is _______