HP Board Class 10 syllabus (2018-19)

Syllabus is one of the most essential documents for students and teachers. Prescribed by the board, it sees regular revisions in accordance with the textbook. It consists of many components giving a clarity about each sub topic.

Syllabus effectively communicates its expectations through these of its components:

  • Course description : Brief about what would be covered in the upcoming topics and kind of information you can look forward to. Takes your focus on what it emphasizes to do. General idea of what the chapter intends to convey and what you are expected to learn at the end of it
  • Course objectives: Conveys what is going to be introduced in the chapter and how the introduction will take place in a chapter, directs student’s attention toward its outcomes also provides information on how students are going to be equipped
  • Course topics: Briefly states subtopics for instance types or characteristics of something or it can be category and its features etc., also takes you through list of diagrams and graphs
  • Classroom etiquette: Few syllabi offer guidelines to how a classroom needs to be conducted for chapters requiring such ambience
  • Assignments: Syllabus also offers assignments for a chapter under various topics, such as projects on which a topic can be researched or flip classes on certain topics, making learning interesting

Mathematics is an important subject. Let us understand the objectives of mathematics education

  • Helps us understand the reach and influence mathematics has on our lives
  • Right knowledge of mathematics helps come up with solutions to complex problems
  • Increases learning and critical thinking ability amongst students right from a young age
  • Helps bring about social transformation in a society

Mathematics syllabus is an important tool for students and teachers. Understanding and knowing how to use a syllabus can fetch you those extra marks in examinations. It gives a new dimension to learning altogether which seems a little difficult without a syllabus around.

Science is another subject which demands syllabus, especially for a student of class 10 it becomes mandate of sorts. It puts out expectations from a student out of a particular topic and expresses its outcomes for students to know why they are studying a topic and helps students predict how it could be asked in examinations by the examiners. Not only that, it also gives a hint to students about how a question needs to be answered (smart learning).

Click on the links below to access mathematics and science syllabus by HPBOSE for class 10 for the academic year 2018-19

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