HP Board Class 6

Board of education for Himachal Pradesh was established in the year 1969. Institute of Government of Himachal Pradesh, it’s headquarters is in Dharamshala. With a staggering 8000 school affiliations it stands tall as one of the best education systems in the North of India. Annually it sees an astounding 5 lakh students appearing for their board examinations. With nearly 1800+ examination centres across the state, the board aims at conducting examinations at various levels.

Aims of the board

The hp board of school education independently carries out multiple functions. Listed below are few:

  • Swift operation of educational board
  • Prescribes syllabus
  • Revises syllabus regularly and hence textbook revisions
  • Publishes revised textbooks
  • Carries out examinations right from class 1 – class 12
  • Significant in reviewing and evaluating school’s progress
  • Prescribes prerequisites of a teacher
  • Results processing and its documentation is carried out by the board
  • Executes supplementary examinations across the state
  • Delivers various circulars and updates related to academics and the board
  • Assures participation of students in various non academic activities as well
  • Provides with schemes and programs for all round development of a student
  • Forms as an effective link between the parents and the school

HP Board conducts board examinations every year in the month of March.

Surfing through this article will provide you access to the following links for Class 6 HPBOSE mathematics & science:

HP Board of School Education Syllabus
Himachal Pradesh Board of Textbooks
HPBOSE Question Papers


Syllabus summons students to a particular course. Therefore it becomes very essential for syllabus to be comprehensible and student friendly. The board prescribes the syllabus for class 6 and is designed in such a way that it makes easier for students to go through the contents of a chapter at a glance. Syllabus provides students with a basic idea of expectancy from a particular chapter. It effectively communicates about its learning outcomes not only from learning point of view but also from the view of answering in examinations and to be precise enough. Syllabus undergoes a lot of revisions and editions to cater to the needs of a class 6 student.


Most resourceful tool for a student is a textbook. It equips a student with just the amount of information required without leaning towards being overboard in any sense. Guided by a syllabus and contents, it directs students exactly to the main content making learning easier. Eventually progressive learning concepts are introduced aiming at the development of a student, for instance, vocabulary aims at making students understand the meaning of new words and use them in their daily life to improve their communication skills and so on. Also provides fun activities making classes engaging. Exercise questions towards the end of a chapter aims at assessing a student’s knowledge of a chapter.

Mathematics and science subjects demand the use of textbooks and syllabus given the amount of information it wants to convey.

Question papers

We offer question papers for class 6 prescribed by the HP Board. Practicing question papers from previous years is very important and helpful to students, it gives an idea about the question paper pattern and boosts the confidence of a student. Mathematics and science question papers from the previous years can be accessed from here. Solving these papers just when examinations are around the corner can prove to be very beneficial in particular, as they get the hang of solving question papers.


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