HP Board Class 6 syllabus (2018-19)

Syllabus is undoubtedly one of the most important tools. It lays out rational and practical expectations and outlines chapters in a structured manner. It detects various parameters of the scheme such as structure, content and expectations making it a feasible tool. Organizing a course this way enables students to come up with new ideologies of learning inturn helping in success at examinations. The HP board recommends syllabus keeping in mind their grasping level and ability to comprehend various topics.

It contains the following components:

  • Heading: displays the title of a unit
  • Name of the person who developed the syllabus : Instructor’s name
  • Name of the text books: prescribes which study material is to be followed pertaining to the syllabus offered
  • Description of course: briefly describes what you can look forward to in the respective chapter
  • List of prerequisites
  • Learning outcomes: Lays out expectations from students from a chapter

Mathematics is one of the most important core subjects. It allows young minds to look at the world with their own interpretations and come up with imaginative thoughts. It enables students to hone their critical thinking and problem solving ability in turn contributing to the wellness of the society. Hence, syllabus for this subject is carefully developed by a team of experts in the subject, appointed by the board with vigilance. It caters to all the basic mathematical needs of a class 6 student introducing higher level topics eventually, fundamentally aiming at briefing about various topics in mathematics which is later taken over by teachers via the ‘bridging ‘ concept.

Science is another subject which has exploration written all over. The field however is so advanced nowadays, that careful study of concepts from scratch is an obligation to comprehend higher concepts. This is why HP board introduces these concepts systematically and organizes topics in such a way that the student is not overwhelmed by the sudden rush of information. Syllabus helps students understand the aim and objective of a chapter.

We offer mathematics and science syllabus for class 6 prescribed by the HP board, below are the links for the same.

Class VI HP Board Mathematics Syllabus
Class VI HP Board Science Syllabus


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