HP Board Class 6 revised Science syllabus

Science is a multi faceted stream, not limited to one sub field. It enables students to have an imagination of their own to understand various concepts of science and come up with their own personalized interpretations. For all this to occur, acquiring fundamental knowledge of science and its concepts is very essential without which comprehending higher concepts becomes a task. It is a process and a body of knowledge.

There is science in everything around us, right from questions like, how do we walk to what causes gravity, how does our brain store memory to how does the earth rotate around its own axis, these are few offerings of science whose answers have been acquired by scientists after continuous studies and research for years in their own fields. This way there is so much advancement that everyday we have some discovery and invention, all thanks to science and technology. Importance of science cannot be stressed enough. Few are listed below.

Importance of science

  • Important to construe naturally occuring phenomena
  • Acquired knowledge finds its applications in daily life
  • Helps come with accurate information for scientific processes
  • Helps improve critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Science aims at understanding different natural occurrences of processes and explaining them
  • Gaining scientific knowledge proves to be a panacea for the cure of ills

After analyzing the importance of science as a subject let us try to know why syllabus for a subject like science is necessary:

  • Functions as an essential tool for reference
  • Constructive scheduling document
  • Lays expectations from a particular unit
  • Learning outcomes are also stated
  • Helps teachers plan their pedagogical strategy for a topic in science
  • Instrumental in cracking exams with good results
  • Helps keep a check on time for both teachers as well as students
  • Helps develop an inquisitive streak in students to learn furthering their class sessions.
  • Since it is documented, makes learning easy and much simpler
  • Aligned in accordance with examinations

Science has a variety of topics and is vast in its conveyance of information therefore having a copy of syllabus becomes a necessity. Below you will find links to science syllabus for class 6 prescribed by the HP board.

Class VI HP Board Science Syllabus


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