HP Board Class 6 revised Mathematics syllabus

Syllabus is a document used by students and teachers providing valuable information about the contents going to be covered in the upcoming classes in a particular subject. It enables teachers to conduct their classes in an organized and hassle free manner making it less worrisome. Students are time and again advised about adopting a habit of using syllabus to make learning and understanding a 2-way street in a classroom setup.

Mathematics is a core and scoring subject. With the right understanding of concepts and grasping its flow one can easily solve any kind of problem if your basics are sorted. This is the sole reason why the HP board takes efforts in designing the syllabus in a comprehensible and relevant sphere for students. It aims at not only fetching good results from students but also has a vision of providing quality education to extract good results without compromising on the quality.

Syllabus is vast in mathematics hence students require syllabus. It guides the students into studying mathematics efficiently. Thus we provide you syllabus which you can look forward to while learning mathematics. It incorporates course content developed by experienced teachers and subject matter experts appointed by the HP board.

Why study mathematics

This question may be at the top of every student’s head. Let us see why mathematics has the importance it has:

  • Mathematics finds its applications in everyday life
  • Gives the patience to go that extra mile and stay longer while solving problems
  • Enhanced problem solving skills and critical thinking ability
  • Allows interpretation of data after acquiring knowledge of basics
  • Clear understanding and analysis of data
  • If aided with activities and fun games mathematics can be all the more interesting
  • if interested can be pursued as higher studies
  • Finds its applications in various other significant fields such as defence and military, space exploration, astro physics, MET department,cosmology, robotics to name a few.

Syllabus for mathematics displays detailed description of various topics in class 6. Click on the link below to find updated mathematics syllabus for class 6 by the HP board:

Class VI HP Board Mathematics Syllabus


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