HP Board Class 6 revised textbooks

Textbooks are encyclopaedia in a student’s academic life. They are one of the most resourceful tools for students as well as teachers. They empower students with just the right amount of information and also in depth information on a topic. It acts like a framework/guide facilitating students with effective learning. It covers topics as given in the syllabus. It helps teachers to decide not only what to be taught but also how to be taught.

Advantages of textbooks

  • Cheapest resources providing information
  • Readily accessible
  • Increased readability
  • Portable
  • Does not require internet
  • Comprehensible
  • Student friendly
  • Most textbooks come with sample question papers
  • Questionnaire towards the end of a topic
  • Self sufficient
  • Extremely reliable for examinations
  • One stop shop for all information pertaining to examination
  • Fun activities and experiments towards the end of each chapter
  • Provides topics for further study
  • Prescribed by the HP board
  • Includes practice problems in case of mathematics
  • Solved problems with solutions in different methods in mathematics
  • Covers problems of all question types
  • Aligns with question paper pattern prescribed by the board
  • Highlights key points
  • Summarizes the whole chapter in few points, very helpful for last minute studying

Mathematics textbooks are one of the most important tools. It a standard book to be followed in mathematics. It is logically organized to complement mathematical requirements and skills of a student facilitating a smooth learning and teaching experience both. It simply is a document of a teacher’s sayings in a class session. It presents mathematical principles based on certain instructions that govern them. It is systematically arranged to provide subject specific instructions for a given course and level. It contains selected material and forms the basis on which a course is built. These books aim at analyzing the instructional objectives of the subject.

Science textbooks on the other hand holds equal importance. It is a stream continuously exposed to exploration based on principles and laws formulated. These books are an integral part of our education system especially for subjects like science. It provides teachers with an effective guideline along which he/she can plan their upcoming classes. A student makes use of textbook to prepare himself in advance for his upcoming sessions to be aware about topics being taught and hence has an upper hand.

Click on the links below to access mathematics & science textbooks for class 6 prescribed by the HP board:

HP Board Class VI Mathematics Textbook

HP Board Class VI Science Textbook

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