HP Board Class 6 previous years’ question papers

Question papers are one of the most resourceful tools for a student to crack examinations efficiently. It contains an exhaustive collection of questions covering almost all the topics. Solving question papers provides students with a knowledge of theoretical and practical applications in a clear and understandable way. To help accomplish this, every type of question has been covered in all of these papers. Difficulty level of questions is in a wide range, some can be answered with a simple definition while others may require an extension of an idea or law/principles presented in the field.

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Although questions are answered in the usual way, there can be several other ways of answering the same question, hence students are advised to find alternate answers to questions where possible. Answers must be in accordance with question paper and upto the mark.

These papers are developed keeping in mind the calibre of a class 6 student and its potential. It is designed in a well graded manner, laying a firm foundation and gradually prepares students to pick up with the tempo of the paper. Question papers are always set in such a fashion that it refrains students from getting overwhelmed, with a sudden rush of intimidating questions.

Advantages of solving previous years’ questions are numerous. Few are:

  • Over 40% of the times, question paper is set after referring to question papers from the past years
  • Gets you into the exam mode enabling students to think in that direction
  • Gives a better idea on time management
  • Reduces anxiety levels of students which otherwise would be quite an intimidating experience for students
  • Helps you to plan up your answering pattern to score better
  • Gives a great scope to deduce on the redundant questions and hence plan your course of action accordingly
  • Boosts confidence
  • Encourages to solve and practice more papers
  • Great exposure for students from exam point of view

How to practice previous years’ question papers

  • Practice question papers from past 5-6 years
  • Solve these papers under an ideal examination scenario
  • Practice without referring or looking up for answers
  • Cross check your answers
  • Practice those questions which were time consuming for you
  • Carefully examine your answering pattern, there is always scope for improvement
  • Practice these papers without fail just when exams are around the corner, proven to be a great assessment tool for oneself and confidence booster too.
  • Especially in subjects like mathematics, practicing papers becomes a compulsion

Click on the below links to access previous years’ question papers by the HP Board for class 6 mathematics and science.

HP Board Class VI Mathematics Question Paper
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